Writing Portfolio

Since 2008, Nicole has been publishing online and print content for various blogs and magazines. At the age of 9 Nicole began writing song lyrics and poetry; fast-forward 18 years and she is still doing the same. With a Bachelor’s degree in Creative Writing, she aided in creating song lyrics for her brothers metal band, NeverWake, as well as completing a full anthology of poetry, The Gotholocism of the Righteous and the Wretched, which is currently under self-publication. Unlike her self-made brands and bubbly nature, her writing style is dark, gothic-macabre with themes focusing on cryptic legends, flaws in humanity, domestic violence, motherhood and religion. This “good side of bad” and vise versa concept is an exploration of the light in darkest times, and the parallelisms in the most unusual of pairs. Below are examples of original poetry written from years 2006 – 2014. Additional pieces can be viewed on writerscafe. Inquiries please contact.

Lost Sheep Black SheepDisorderFallenMosquitoPlastic SocietyPsycho SocialBonesVillain