Weekend Recap: My Last Hoorah or Whatever


Hi. I like this gum.

Well it’s finally here, the end of my summer break from nursing school {sigh}. Regardless, I had a nice weekend; Friday I watched Turbo with my son, and later on watched Insidious 3 with my brother and cousin. Usually we get stuck watching some awfully made horror movie that we spent 3 hours looking for on VuDu {we’re picky}, but the Insidious series never ceases to disappoint. I’m a huge scary movie fan, it’s basically the only movie genre I’m interested in. Also I was up until 4am again. Worst.Sleep.Schedule.Ever.

I spent the majority of Saturday with my mom, Grammy, aunt and son at a craft festival which I absolutely adored. Later that night played Mario Kart 8 with my son, brother and cousin {can’t you tell they’re some of my favorite guys?}. No matter how old we get, whenever we all get together to play Nintendo we instantly turn into kids again….honestly, who am I kidding, we never stopped being kids. Being able to crack up laughing at something is one of the best releases for me, especially during stressful or anxious times.

Sunday I was lazier than ever with only one goal in mind: mentally prepare for class on Monday. Needless to say I’m drained after only one day of lecture and barely any sleep…welcome back to me!

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