Weekend Recap: Music and Craft Beer

IMG_1831Hey there….. this Friday I did absolutely nothing except some coding for my website {definitely not the final product, but I’m getting closer} and watched Supernatural on Netflix until 4am.

Saturday I volunteered at the Mountaineer Brewfest in Wheeling, WV. My brother is on the marketing committee and has worked all year on the entire project. It’s an annual festival in which different brewers from all over West Virginia come together to allow people to sample just how good craft beer can be. The turn out was amazing, food was good, beer was cold and music was loud! My dad’s band, U.S. Kids performed {they sounded awesome} as well as a few others, one in particular, The Hillbilly Gypsies, really stood out to me. With one mic and no shoes, they sung their way into my heart with their bluegrass tunes and country-living pride. After the event ended a couple of us headed to a restaurant/bar called the 19th Hole, which by the way, had the best wings and cheese fries!! Whether or not it was all that beer talkin’ or just really that good, I wouldn’t mind going back for seconds someday.

Sunday was like all the other sundays each week; relaxing, watching TV and eating all day. It was however, more relaxing than most being that I didn’t have to study anything for school {I’m still on break!} I started watching the series Daredevil on Netflix and I’m – naturally – obsessed. My cousin first told me about the show and I knew I had to see it, simply for the fact that I love anything Marvel… aaaand Charlie Cox is in it. I was *in love* with him when he played Owen on Boardwalk Empire, so it’s nice to get my fix again.

That about sums it up, talk to ya next week!


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