Ways to Instantly Clear Your Head at Home

tumblr_n3fbxoFOPJ1syxj93o1_1280If you’ve been depressed, stressed, or just simply bored, here are a few productive ideas to help you clear your head at home.

Cleaning: Whether it’s dusting or completely rearranging your room, cleaning takes your mind off of whatever is wearing you down, and turns that energy into a positive lemony fresh house.

Laundry: Doing laundry can be quite refreshing. The idea of soaking the dirtiness out of something that’s been used is a great metaphor for releasing negative thoughts and replacing them with a fresh new outlook.

Cooking: Cooking can be great at home therapy because it requires concentration. It creates a sense of accomplishment; you’ve make food for yourself and provided your own nourishment – even if it came from a Velveeta Box!

Showering: Sometimes all you need is a good hot shower. Simply just standing in the shower and letting the hot (or cold) water run over your body releases tensions in your muscles. It even opens your airways allowing you to breathe better, thus think more clearly.

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