Wander Wednesday: Back to the Bahamas


It’s been too long since I felt that soft white paradise sand in every nook + cranny of my skin {basically}. To a summer way back before I ever referred to my body as having “mom stores” {I’m talking about you, hips}. A lot has changed since 2008 when I first visited Atlantis with my family. It was two years before my son was born, I was 19 and thought that I would become one with the island by having my hair braided by locals…and I was 100% RIGHT…kidding, but truthfully, I’ve never felt more at home so far away, besides maybe Italy.


I had just gotten my first “professional” camera the Christmas before, and learning the ropes was easy with the crystal blue waters of Nassau, Bahamas as my scenery. There were these crazy cool nurse sharks below our hotel balcony {side note: if I were a shark, I’d be a nurse shark}, my brother and I got close enough to pet them, if that’s even a thing, shark petting.


We also stumbled across Harborside Resort, and I couldn’t help but feel like Kim from Edward Scissorhands among the crazy pastel colored condos, as if I was living in some strange Tim Burton movie where Bahamian hospitality meets a cooky dark subplot. I digress.

Rooms_HarborsideResort333But while I’m always searching for mystery + wonder in every place I go, I took away nothing but realness in the experiences there; from the evening carnivals right down to my charred brown sun tan. I missed an opportunity to go back a few years ago due to my not-so-lenient editorial schedule at the time.  It’s nice to be able to go back and visit the places I’ve been, even if it’s through a couple pictures. 


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