Star Spangled Glamour

tumblr_n2gmblxMFM1rxxk99o1_500July 4th is right around the corner, and for some reason I never know what to wear. I always have a hard time dressing for this holiday more than others because as a family tradition, we like to play softball in the street!

I usually always wear a bandana on that day, another family tradition. Not like Bret Michaels style, but definitely Patriotic. Hey, it’s like the one day of the year you can pull it off without looking like you want to fight someone in a bar!

I’m actually not a big fan of July 4th (other than America gaining independence of course), but it’s the fireworks that scare me! Anyways I put together a random look, suitable for a cookout kind of day I suppose. I also threw in some SPF face makeup, and very light eye and lip products. I imagine being really sweaty on that day and the last thing I want is a caked-on makeup sliding off my face. All of the following items were found at & – easy.

Sing it with me! (A song for my struggle with my new post-baby bod!)

“Oh beautiful, for spacious pants, that Ni-cole wears to-day. For purple circles under eyes, and spit upin my mane…America, America, I added one to thee, And crowned my “goods” with motherhood, from C-Cup to Double D!”


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