Poetry Explanation: Plastic Society by Nicole DiCarlo


I wrote Plastic Society it in 2009 for a creative writing workshop class. The topic was to model the style from one of our favorite poems. Poetry is an art form, and for me it means much more than putting letters on paper and forming words that just to happen to rhyme. I write all of my poetry with the intention of being read aloud; it brings more focus to the words being said and allows the reader to feel more personally involved in the feelings being conveyed. This alone was the reason I chose to model Plastic Society off of Daddy by Sylvia Plath. I have always admired Plath, but I love the way her “harsh-edged” dialect reflects raw emotion when read aloud.

Plastic Society is a conglomeration of ideals and fantasies about pop culture, the hollywood scene and celebrity lifestyle that I imagine it to be…. in my dark + twisty mind. Not glamorous, but oozing with botched botox zombies and dirtied Louis Vuitton accessories. I love to play around with opposing themes, in this case, by making beauty seem grotesque and gore admirable. It is this paradox paired with Plath’s phonetic influence that makes this piece resonate so strongly.

I hope you all enjoy, feel free to leave a review of your thoughts.

Plastic Society Notebook

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