My Newest Arm Candy Crush: Pura Vida Bracelets


I am currently fawning over these colorful tiny little accessories. Pura Vida Bracelets founders Griffin Thall and Paul Goodman got the idea for the business after visiting Costa Rica and discovering local street artisans selling bracelets for a living. Simply put,  “these [simple] string bracelets were more than just your everyday friendship bracelet, they were a movement. Pura Vida is more than just a saying, it’s a lifestyle representing the simple things in life.”


There are so many reasons why I love this company, but here’s a clear breakdown:

Great Quality
These tiny strung together bracelets are handmade with heartfelt craftsmanship. Woven tightly together and casted in a waxy waterproof {anything proof} finish. Unlike the ordinary friendship bracelets, pura vida bracelets don’t fray after so many wears, and can easily be slipped on and off. The bracelets are tied off with a slipknot, making them extremely easy to adjust to different wrist sizes.


Giving Back
Not only does each bracelet purchased help provide jobs for local artisans in Costa Rica, but pura vida bracelets also involve it’s consumers in individualized fundraiser and charity options.


Easily Styled
Aside from being durable, weightless {comfort plus} and altruistic, these colorful little bracelets are one of the best paired accessories you can use to upgrade your wrists. Whether mixed with Alex + Ani charm bangles or those old frayed friendship bracelets you still have, the addition of pura vida strings will most definitely add more character + free spirit style to your look. If you’re not like me, a sucker for stacking my bracelets practically to my elbows, then no worries, they stand bright and bold on their own too.


“The pura vida lifestyle is embodied by the enjoyment of a life lived slowly, the celebration of good fortune, and the refusal to take anything for granted. It’s about being free and living life to the fullest; it’s an attitude Each bracelet has a unique and different color combination so coming across someone with your exact bracelet will be a tough find. The hard work that goes into making each bracelet represents the dedication and respect for the beautiful land that we all live in.”

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