My Life in Lists



Judy Garland once said, “Be a first-rate version of yourself instead of a second-rate version of someone else.” I always try to hold true to this quote. I decided to create a small list of a few things that make me unique. These are things that no one really knows about me. I am going to continue to do similar posts like this one. Hope you enjoy!

*I have a birth mark on the side of my face in the shape of California. It used to be much darker and much more noticeable than it is now.

*I have an extremely hard time driving at night. The lights are too bright, they distract me and hurt my eyes.

*If someone gave me 6 bags of Dove Chocolates I would eat them all in one day, and not feel guilty about it. Actually, I have never dieted, nor do I ever plan on doing so.

*My poetic writing is much more different than the magazine/column writing. It is darker, you might say Gothic, but not emo or depressing. More like ghosts and demons, with a religious twist.

*I have a love/hate relationship with sharks. I am so intrigued by them, yet they scare me to death. Probably because I saw JAWS at such a young age, which is to this day one of my favorite movies of all time.

*I can carry on a conversation in Italian.

*I eat pasta (buttered noodles / mac & cheese) every day. No lie, every day. Probably since I was eight or younger.

*My brother is my best friend.

*I LOVE what I do – I live for the fine arts, I always have. Writing, singing, acting, dancing, modeling, performing in general. I’ve done it all, even read at public readings and exhibited original paintings in art shows. I am a dreamer – a bit dramatic in my sense of reality – but hopeful in making something out of myself nonetheless.

That’s all for now. I know it’s not much, but as I said before, I will continue to do similar posts like this one. Tell me now, what makes you unique?

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