Happy October

Hey there! Sorry I’ve been MIA for a week, it’s been a crazy busy few days. I knew getting back into blogging that I wouldn’t be able to totally commit to a regular post schedule, but I’m definitely trying! I hope to have a couple posts out this week as I try to play catch-up for missed time. A poem reading is definitely in the rotation.

Anyhoo…helloooo October!! My absolute favorite month {and apparently everyone else’s}. There are so many scary, Halloween themed movies and TV shows that I’ve grown to love over the years, and each October I feel like I need to watch every single one of them to fulfill my craving. My favorites range from kiddy-cartoon shows I watched as a child to full-blown guts and gore horrors.

Below is a list of my favorite fall movies {and honestly, I watch this stuff year round}. I will probably be adding more to it as I think of them!!

Are You Afraid of the Dark Series
Hocus Pocus
Ernest Scared Stupid
Monster Squad
Under Wraps
The Lost Boys
It’s The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown
The Haunted Mansion
The Witches
The Gate
Phantom of the Megaplex
Hotel Translyvania
Corpse Bride
Nightmare Before Christmas
Edward Scissorhands
The Little Vampire
My Babysitter is a Vampire
Halloween Series {original and Rob Zombie’s versions}
Friday the 13th Series
Texas Chainsaw Massacre {any and all ever made}
Poltergeist {1982 version}
Pet Sematary 1 + 2
Cirque Du Freak
The Blair Witch Project
Sleepaway Camp
Scream {The movies and the TV series}
The Walking Dead
Hemlock Grove
Teen Wolf {on MTV}
American Horror Story
The Craft
Killer Clowns from Outer Space
Nightmare on Elm Street

… what are some of your Halloween TV/Movie favorites??


Under the Weather

SW_LoganAdermattHi there, hope everyone is having a great LDW! Unfortunately I am sick and out of commission for anything fun this 3-day-weekend. I have been laid up in bed since Saturday evening with a sore throat + stuffy nose. I don’t know about anyone else, but when I don’t feel good, not only can I physically not find the strength to do things, but I become mentally useless as well! I’m surprised I can even write this post. It’s very frustrating because there are so many things I could be doing right now with this off time {studying, blogging ahead, LAUNDRY}; instead I’m confined to bed and Netflix; which normally wouldn’t be so bad, but knowing that I have plenty of unchecked tasks on my to-do list just makes me anxious.

I successfully finished the entire first season of the Scream series on MTV and {SPOILER AHEAD}….I knew it was Piper all along! And now I can’t wait for season 2! Scream was the first scary “slasher” movie I had ever seen. I couldn’t sleep for 3 months after though, because every time I opened my eyes I saw Casey Decker hanging gutted from my doorway {tmi}. But it’s one of my absolute favorite slasher movies nonetheless, and with Craven’s recent passing I felt it necessary to note.

I’m gonna wrap this up before I let the cold medicine take over and I really start to ramble {I’m feeling loopy}. As I said last week I have some exciting things coming up over the next month or so, and I can’t wait to share with everyone. Until then be on the lookout for this week’s post on my first “poem dissection,” in which I explain a piece of my poetry and what it means {for all the non hippie beatniks out there} =)


Checking In


Hi there, how was everyone’s weekend? Mine wasn’t too bad, studied for the most part. My son started Kindergarten yesterday so my brain was a bit preoccupied from blogging. We’re watching Courage the Cowardly Dog now and eating cereal with sleepy eyes. I’m back on a better sleep schedule but I’m still always tired!

Everyone’s talking about the VMA’s per usual {I didn’t watch}. I tend to steer clear of award shows, they’ve never interested me much and I’m really not a fan of the majority of the music… {give me an award show for metal and I’m watching}.

I’ve got some exciting things coming up in the next couple weeks and I can’t wait to share them with you all. :)



Weekend Recap: My Last Hoorah or Whatever


Hi. I like this gum.

Well it’s finally here, the end of my summer break from nursing school {sigh}. Regardless, I had a nice weekend; Friday I watched Turbo with my son, and later on watched Insidious 3 with my brother and cousin. Usually we get stuck watching some awfully made horror movie that we spent 3 hours looking for on VuDu {we’re picky}, but the Insidious series never ceases to disappoint. I’m a huge scary movie fan, it’s basically the only movie genre I’m interested in. Also I was up until 4am again. Worst.Sleep.Schedule.Ever.

I spent the majority of Saturday with my mom, Grammy, aunt and son at a craft festival which I absolutely adored. Later that night played Mario Kart 8 with my son, brother and cousin {can’t you tell they’re some of my favorite guys?}. No matter how old we get, whenever we all get together to play Nintendo we instantly turn into kids again….honestly, who am I kidding, we never stopped being kids. Being able to crack up laughing at something is one of the best releases for me, especially during stressful or anxious times.

Sunday I was lazier than ever with only one goal in mind: mentally prepare for class on Monday. Needless to say I’m drained after only one day of lecture and barely any sleep…welcome back to me!

How was everyone’s weekend? Comment below


Shameless Couch Potato


Hi all, how cute is this kitty!? I’m currently watching old Are You Afraid of the Dark episodes with my son. I’m not exactly sure what it was that made me think of this subject, but if you had to pick one of the “Seven Deadly Sins,” that you are most guilty of, which would it be? Here’s a list for those of you who don’t know them off hand: lust, gluttonygreedsloth, wrathenvy and pride.
I chose sloth as mine, not because I resemble them on the mornings when I forget to take my makeup off the night before, but because I spend 90% of my free time on my couch or in my bed! Whether it’s working on my computer, studying, Netflix & snacks, blogging or cuddling with my little boy, I am the number one most awesome couch potato {someone get me trophy}. Truthfully, I am a super introverted person and can only handle so many social interactions with people in a week. I tend to lock myself in my bedroom and lay around, which is arguably quite needed for my soul, but not the best exercise plan. Don’t get me wrong, I’m busy as heck and practically lose my marbles several times a week, which is exactly why I need those good old couch potato days. I suffer from extremely bad anxiety and panic disorder {pouty bat face} and without those release + relax moments I don’t think I would be able to survive some of the more stressful days I have in a year.

So what about you guys? Which of the Seven Deadly Sins are you most guilty of? Comment below!


Soft Serve Summertime

tumblr_n0jt8ljs251r5s435o1_1280Hi there, I’m laying in bed watching Netflix. It’s 12:45 am and I’m not tired at all. I have to get on a better sleep schedule for back-to-school or else I’m going to burn out real quick.

Today I went school supply shopping with my son; he’s going to be in Kindergarten {sad face}, but I have some relief in the fact that my aunt is actually his teacher and she is amazing!

Later we went to get ice cream at a small mom-n-pop place on a beautiful country road near my house, but they were closed for the season, so we had to settle for something a little more mainstream {Dairy Queen}. Still, just as satisfying… I could live off of Brownie Batter Blizzards, they hit the spot every time!

Check in with ya soon!



My Project Life Mission for 2015


If you read my blog post on How I Organized 5 Years of Photos in One Month, then you know I’m making it my new mission to stay on top of photo organization from here on. With that goal in mind also came my born-again love for scrapbooking, but with my crazy busy schedule and ever-changing attitude I just knew that the old fashioned way to scrapbook just wasn’t going to work for me.

Trust me, I absolutely love the creative process that goes with planning out each page, cutting and pasting pictures and stickers and tying it all together nice and neatly in a pretty bow, but it’s just not functionally something I can pull off at this moment in my life. After drudging through the aisles of Hobby Lobby, I stumbled across Project Life by Becky Higgins. For those of you who don’t know, Project Life is a much simpler way to scrapbook by adding pictures and designer made cards to pocket style layouts {find out more here}.

The main reason I love Project Life is due to the fact that they have a brand new app in which I can create my page layouts and store them online and bulk print when I’m ready. I’m really excited to start this project and I hope I can stick to it!





{photo here}

Back to Blogging


“Are you gonna pull those pistols or whistle dixie?” I joke to myself after tossing around the idea that I should start blogging again. And look, here I am.

It’s been a crazy year, so much has happened since I last considered myself as part of the blogging community, and all for good reason: started nursing school. Basically, that’s the only reason I haven’t been blogging or branding myself as much for the past year. I’ve been busy busting out care plans and keeping my head above water in class. Now that I’m nearly done with school (two semesters!) I really want to blog again. It’s always been my go-to creative outlet and it’s never not been a fun and exciting hobby of mine. I need to allow myself this… and more, of what I enjoy doing in life.

With that being said, I’m glad to know you’re here and hope you enjoy what I write, or at the very least, be inspired to live life happily and whole.

See ya around!!



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What I’m Loving This Month: November


It’s November, and here are some of the little things I’m loving right now!

EOS Lip Balm:
I’ve used these cute little lip balm pods for about a year now and I am very happy with them! They come in 5 flavors (to my knowledge) and I’ve liked them all except orange – too tangy for me! Otherwise, I’m constantly liking my lips because they seriously taste like candy! It goes on really smooth and the shape makes it really easy to apply.

Little Big Town – Tornado:
I heard this on the radio the other day and instantly fell in love with it. I was hooked on their summer hit, “Pontoon” so I’m not surprised that it’s on my playlist rotation.

Arizona Green Tea with Ginseng:
Okay so this is kinda cheating, because I always drink this stuff. I literally can’t drink any other bottled Iced or Green tea at all – they hurt my throat! Arizona Green Tea is by far my favorite. It’s diluted so the taste isn’t strong at all.

Maybe it’s just the season, but lately I’ve found myself drawn to everything houndstooth! My mom found an amazing Michael Kors houndstooth riding jacket at Marshall’s that I hope to borrow! And I recently found an old pair of houndstooth rain boots that I thought I had given away. This checkered pattern is definitely on-point chic for fall/winter.

What are you loving right now? Comment below!


{photo here}