Get a Handle on Handbags

a119eff71bb7f6e93e2942d6550ba7f0There are a dozen different styles of handbags. Here’s the 411 on just a few of the number one accessories.

Boston Bag: a two-handeled bag usually used for carrying books, papers, notes, etc.

Bucket: small, sometimes shaped like a watering can. Mostly used for the necessities – lipgloss, cell phone, wallet.

Messenger: Goes over one shoulder and hangs on side across the body. Can be used for books, notebooks, pens, laptop.



Doctor: Usually has a short handle that can only fit on the forearm at best. Elongated for storing wallet, cell phone, sunglasses, makeup, pens, etc.

Evening: Small and decorative. Usually only used for holding lipgloss, cell phone and credit cards/money at a function or event.

Organizer: Best used for travel. Has specific pockets throughout the inside and outside for storing money, cards, papers, pens, lipgloss, etc.


Tote: Probably the most popular of all handbags. Spacious for storing anything from books and laptops to sunglasses and makeup. Straps long enough to fit over shoulder.

Clutch: Small sometimes wallet sized, can be carried in hand on tucked under arm. Used for cell phone, money, lipgloss at events or nights out.

Hobo: Similar to tote bags, but rounder, whereas totes are more rectangle. The body is wider, usually unable to fit books or laptops.

Wristlet: Very small, similar to a wallet in size and function. Has a strap connected to the zipper for wearing around the wrist on nights out to the club or bars.

Baguette: Very long and narrow, straps may fit over forearm or shoulder. Looks similar to an evening bag but can be worn with more casual attire.

This should help some of you when shopping for your next bag and deciding your purpose of purchase!


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