My Favorite Fall Nail Polish Picks


Maybe it’s because of holiday cheer, and being in the spirit of all things Christmas (and Christmas Trees), but these hunter green hues are my absolute favorite right now in polish colors. I can only get away with this color for a few short months, but ’tis definitely the season!

This color is a year round go-to for me. But it’s especially perfect for these cold, wintery months. The warm, cozy color reminds me of coffee, cookies, and gingerbread. And with that, my #1 color pick is Mink Muffs by Essie. *yum*

I’m usually attracted to the brighter reds, but this fall I’m loving every maroon or burgundy polish I see. Perfect paired with a nude lip, and the sexiest thing your fingers can wear on those cold cuddle-up nights.

Shimmery and matte based variations of this color seem to be surfacing more than ever this season. Especially with the release of O.P.I.’s SkyFall Collection. I can’t wait to get my hands on this color! Or, vise versa…

What are your favorite colors + polish brands for fall/winter? Make sure to check out my beauty board on Pinterest for a collection of tips, tricks, inspirations and more!




5 Different Ways to Get a Tan

Bondi-Beach-VerticalBelieve it or not, there are actually five different ways to get a sun-baked bod year round. But take caution, because not all methods are recommended, whether it is due to health, safety, or simply just lack of appeal.

Laying Out: Duh! probably the most obvious way to soak up some vitamin D is to throw on a bathing suit and bake like a Thanksgiving turkey by the pool. If you don’t have access to a pool, try a driveway, yard, or anywhere – either way, sun is free! But don’t forget to grab the sunscreen and some UV shield chap stick for precaution.

Tanning Beds: The second most obvious method to darken your skin since the early 70s. The debate over tanning beds is a never-ending one. Our thoughts are everything in moderation, too much of anything is never good. So tan indoors at your own discretion.

Spray-tans/Air-brush: Spray tans are given by a machine and airbrush is given by hand by a licensed professional. The prices can sometimes be costly, but its a much safer alternative from actual UV rays, and they don’t last very long. Our opinion is that this type of tan only works on already dark skin types. For example, if you’re fair skin, you might end up looking more like an Oompa Loompa than a true islander babe.

Self-tanner: Tanning in a tube! They can be found at drug stores every where, but only certain brands work the best. In fact, the self-tanner fad is “fading away” and instead, natural tan enhancement is taking over. Instead of pasting a layer of artificial color over your body, tan enhancers grab the natural color pigments in your skin, creating a more natural streak-free glow. We’re fans.

Tanning Pills: The only thing you need to know about tanning pills is that they contain canthaxanthin, which is used as a color additive for certain foods. Are you that desperate? I hope not.

So whether it’s natural or the farthest thing from it, there’s no excuse to be pasty white this summer (unless you’re in the Cullen Klan).

With love ♥

My Two Scents on my Favorite 5 Scents

317289c70a9ee6b499b5cba4e61011edI’m so in love with all of these fragrances this summer that I just had to share! They all smell so good. They’re not too strong, pungent, or sweet. From left: Donna Karen Cashmere Mist, Armani Prive line & Idole, Couture Couture, and Miss Dior Cherie. There’s just something so classic about the way they smell. You can find them all at Nordstroms or Sephora.

Alice + Olivia for MAC


Refinery 29 confirms that on July 8, Alice + Olivia will be launching a limited edition collection of products with M.A.C. Designer Stacey Bendet has taken the chic yet girly looks of A+O and compiled a look totally inspired by bright lights & fabric swatch packaging.

The line consists of pigments in silvery turquoise, brilliant white, and vividly intense, deep purple shades.  She’s even added complementary turquoise and purple nail polish, her own version of Dazzleglass Crème gloss in fuchsia, yellow, and pale cotton-candy pink.

Urban Decay Summer of Love Hot Look

iStock_000005627346Small_zxo1rjUrban Decay Cosmetics has designed a summer collection of makeup titled “Summer of Love.” It’s simple to do and looks great. Here’s how to Get the Look:

* Start by using Eyeshadow in Smog. Completely cover the lower lid. Continue applying at the crease of the lid and elongate the shape of the eye by creating a “cat-like” angle.

* Highlight the lower lid by applying Eyeshadow in Flash (purple).

* Use an angled brush to dust the “cat-like” corners with Eyeshadow in Maui Wowie.

* Apply Baked Bronzer in Gilded to the apples of the cheeks.

* Lastly, apply a thin coat of XXX Shine Gloss in Baked – the shimmers will flicker gold in the summer sun.

Summer of Love Shadow Palette $29
24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil $17
Eyeshadow in Flash, Maui Wowie & Smog (each) $17
Baked Bronzer $22
XXX Shine Lipgloss $16