More About Me

Hi there! So let’s get better acquainted. I started blogging in 2010 after becoming a stay at home mom at the young age of 22. Fresh out of college with a bachelor’s degree in Creative Writing, I wanted to be able to put my skills to work without having to leave my little newborn {who wouldnt?}, thus my first blog SpilltheJuicy began. It took off faster than I could keep up with and before I knew it I was doubling as the editor of a full online magazine and social media manager for other online and print magazines. Five years later, I’m still blogging…. but only for myself {and ya’ll of course}. I’m now a mommy to a crazy cool five-year-old son, who gives me an even clearer perspective on how precious life can be. This blog is dedicated solely to where my free spirit takes me next. I have many passions in life, as most of us do, and anyone that knows me will tell you that I tend to sometimes get a tiny, little* bit obsessed over anything from crafting to playing video games. All of my interests together are the fuel for my constant inspiration and ever-changing soul. I try to post 2-3 times a week but you may see more or less from me from time to time. I would like to invite my readers into my metanoia in hopes to inspire, and live life happily and whole.  I love being able to show people who I really am, and the best way I can think to do that is with a list and some pictures! So if you don’t really care to know me in depth, then you can skip this part :)

My gorgeous five-year-old son, Santino or “Tino”


I am a Creative Writer

but if you were to come across my blog and find a grammatical error then please don’t judge me! Being a creative writer to me means spilling out any and every thought and feeling you have onto hard paper or computer keys. It’s about letting your mind do the talking and hoping your fingers can keep up. Writing for me, on this blog at least is more so a conversation than it is a paper that will be turned in for a grade. At the age of 9 I began writing song lyrics and poetry. I currently have just finished my first poetic anthology The Gotholocism of the Righteous and the Wretched, which is currently under self-publication. My poetic writing style is dark, gothic-macabre with themes focusing on cryptic legends, flaws in humanity, domestic violence, motherhood and religion. This “good side of bad” and vise versa concept is an exploration of the light in darkest times, and the parallelisms in the most unusual of pairs. I have several examples of original poetry written from years 2006 – 2014 in the portfolio section. Additional pieces can be viewed on writerscafe.


My first book of poetry from 2006

I used to have my own fashion company

I started Gauddess in 2011 making my own jewelry and selling it on Etsy, by 2012 I had a full online store front selling everything from jewelry {handmade and manufactured} to clothes, shoes, bags and more. My products were featured on a number of websites and blogs, including Glamour magazine. The majority of my success came from being a freelance jewelry stylist for tv personalities on Jerseylicious and Mob Wives. In 2013 I discontinued the Gauddess name, and started selling under the “Nikolina” brand, with sub-brands that included “Live Sparkling Ever After,” “American Gypsy” and “Junkyard Jezebelle.” I’m currently on hiatus from actively promoting my brand, at least until I’m finished with nursing school and can put more focus and time into it. Until then you can view all of these conceptual brands in my lookbook.

I’ve been quite the sport

In highschool I was a cheerleader for both my high school competition, football and basketball squads and a competition squad called ONE All-Stars. We won the COA Nationals in Florida in 2004. I also played basketball and softball {I was a catcher}. When I got to college I cheered for John Carroll University my first year, and then I played LaCross my second year. In 2013 my mom and I started learning how to shoot a compound bow. I love archery, and that’s not just because I’m a Sagittarius ;) I love that my mom and I can share something together, other than our love for a certain TV show. My mom is my best friend and confidant; she knows what I’m feeling even if I don’t tell her, and knows what I’m thinking even if I don’t say it {that’s because we’re gypsies}. She has always been my biggest fan and gone to bat for me more times than I can count. I wouldn’t be anywhere as tenacious about the small things without having her as the primary female influence in my life.

I am drawn to the paranormal

If there’s anything I love the most out of all of my interests and hobbies, it’s the creepy and unusual. Halloween is my absolute favorite time of the year; everything from the crisp autumn air to the desolate crows’ cawing. I am never more inspired than I am during the fall. Haunted houses, real or fake, are my bread and butter. I love anything on TV that deals with horror, the supernatural or cryptozoology. I believe in Bigfoot and mostly any other legend revolving around a mystery. I only watch scary movies, for the most part, and I still to this day watch Are You Afraid of the Dark almost daily with my son. If there’s a creepy building—im there! I have saundered through cemetaries at night just because I love the way it makes me feel. The unknown gives me such a rush of adrenaline; one that I have never been able to find in any other interest of mine, and it bleeds through the poetry that I write.

I honestly suck at being a girl

Although I may post about makeup and other beauty products that I love. I can’t paint my own nails correctly {if I do at all}, I just learned how to do my makeup properly over the past few years, and I barely ever brush my hair {I know, gross}. Being in school so much out of the week has gotten me into a routine of just pulling my hair back, slapping on some mascara and heading out. If I do dress up to go somewhere, you can bet that the second I walk in my door I’m already taking off all my jewelry and “dress clothes,” wiping my makeup off and jumping into sweats and an old band tee. 

I live and breathe Metal + Rock music

This is probably the single most contributing part of who I am and how I grew up. My dad is a Rock musician, who for the past 30+ years has been playing locally in the Ohio, West Virginia and Pennslyvania tri-state area, as well as on National tour during the 80s with groups that include Van Halen, Rachel Sweet and Hootie and the Blowfish. I grew up listening to Black Sabbath, Metallica, Nirvana, White Zombie, Blue Oyster Cult, Guns N Roses and more. My “uncles” range from bass players to guitarists, bearded tattooed roadies and drummers. I’ve been in biker bars before the age of 10, and back stage at countless shows before I even knew what a “gig” or “groupie” meant. My brother is also a musician {lead vocal and guitar}. His band, NeverWake, has seen so much success in so little time. With two complete studio albums, a music video and countless shows, they have built up a huge following of fans and have the inertia to be as big as any of the other metal bands we listen to. You can always find me in the front row headbanging, or in the pit pushing and shoving all the other sweaty and tattooed brethren.


My Dad’s Band U.S. Kids, back in the day {he’s on the left}

My Brother's Band NeverWake {he's in the front left}

My Brother’s Band NeverWake {he’s in the front left}

NeverWake was chosen by the AEG Live promoters to play on the first ever ReverbNation stage at the annual hard rock and heavy metal music festival Carolina Rebellion 2015. Kicking off the weekend for 60,000 fans, NeverWake had the incredible opportunity to share the spotlight with bands such as Korn, Slipknot, Nonpoint, Periphery and many more. In April, NeverWake rocked alongside various artists from Iron Maiden, Disturbed and Twisted Sister, (The Foundry), at The Hard Rock Cafe in Pittsburgh and had multiple shows at the SXSW Heart ofTexas Rock Fest. Earlier in 2015, the band played at The ReverbNation Stage for the Millennium Music Conference Showcase, Altar Bar in Pittsburgh and several other local and nationwide venues.

That’s probably more than you cared to know, but it’s me nonetheless. I’d love to hear more about you as well, feel welcome to introduce yourself on my facebook page {share your blog!} or shoot me a private email. I hope you stick around :)